Exercises of Numerical Calculus With Solutions in Matlab/Octave – S. De Marchi, D. Poggiali

COP DemarchiExercises of Numerical Calculus With Solutions in Matlab/Octave – S. De Marchi, D. Poggiali


  • I° Edizione, Dicembre 2013
  • Formato 17×24, Confezione brossura, Pag. 106
  • € 13,00
  • ISBN:  978-88-986481-2-2


This book collects exercises and exams, with the corresponding solutions, given by the authors at the Numerical Calculus course taught by the first author since the academic year 2006-07 for the degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, firstly at the University of Verona then at the University of Padova.

Every exercise is followed by some hints and by its solution, except from some exercises that are left to the reader. All chapters contain also a section of exercises On paper. Such exercises are intended to be done without a calculator but only with pencil and paper.

This collection can be considered as a training book. Therefore we suggest the readers to consult and examine other books of exercises and also material available online and at the web site of the first author.


  • Stefano De Marchi is associate professor in Numerical Analysis at the University of Padua. He is author and co-author of more than 75 scientific papers, many of them in approximation theory, multivariate polynomial interpolation, approximation by radial basis functions and recently also in rational interpolation. He is one of the discoverers of the so called “Padua points”, which are the only set of quasi-optimal interpolation points explicitly known on the square, for polynomial interpolation of total degree. He is main editor of the open access journal Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation (DRNA), co-founder of the research group CAA (Constructive Approximation and Applications) between the Universities of Padua and Verona. He is also author of the books Funzioni Splines Univariate (Forum, Ed. Universitaria Udinese, 2001), Appunti di Calcolo Numerico (Esculapio Ed. Bologna, 2011) and Meshfree Approximation for Multi-Asset European and American Option Problems (Aracne Ed. Roma, 2012).
  • Davide Poggiali is a Ph.D. student in Neuroscience at the University of Padua. He received his bachelor’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Florence in 2009 and his master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Padua in 2012, with a thesis on numerical methods for medical image reconstruction. Currently, is working in a research group on Multiple Sclerosis. He has also taken part in a interdepartmental research group between Nuclear Medicine, Medical Physics and Mathematics.